Performance Management




Organisations around the world are becoming increasingly focussed on establishing Key Performance Indicator's (KPI's) to manage employee performance. Traditionally, employee performance reporting and KPI management is heavily paper-based and a lengthy manual process.

DiMETRO TPM HubTM was born in response to the growing industry demand for a software tool to enable companies to track and compare actual performance against these benchmarks. DiMETRO TPM HubTM is a comprehensive suite of tools to analyse, report and reward employee performance in a consistent, unbiased and accurate manner. Using DiMETRO organisations are able to efficiently overcome many of the problems associated with creating a sustainable performance management program. Without the tools to measure, analyse and reward employee performance, managers may be more than simply ineffectual, they may be making the wrong decisions.

DiMETRO automatically harvests data from multiple sources (e.g. support systems, ACD’s, sales systems, workforce management etc), analyses results against each employee’s targets, and consolidates the information to produce a single employee performance score. This single score enables management to quickly and easily monitor performance over time and between peers. Employee development can be targeted at only those areas and those people needing attention.

Using their browser based performance dashboard, employees are not only aware of their expected performance but also given the tools to monitor their progress. Context aware performance tips encourage and empower employees to take greater responsibility for their career development.

DiMETRO also completely manages the quality assessment process by allowing team managers or quality managers to conduct quality assessments on live or recorded calls, emails, and correspondence, etc. via their own performance dashboard.

As all performance data for employees has been collected by DiMETRO, managers can also manage the performance appraisal process.