Call and screen recording


Why do you need to record calls? Compliance? Quality management? Dispute resolution? Proof of sale?

Regardless of your reason, DiMETRO has the the solution!

With 4 different recording methods, the DiMETRO Voice Recorders are the most flexible and cost effective call recording solution available today.

And our Screen Recorder is fully integrated to each recording method. Imagine being able to listen to a call and see what the operator was doing at each stage of the conversation. What better way to troubleshoot disputed calls. .

Why choose DiMETRO as your recording solution?

Conversations can be recorded regardless of your underlying technology - VOIP, PSTN, ISDN etc.
Recording can be easily triggered by your applications using our simple command line API.
Quick and easy to deploy. IT Departments love DiMETRO!
DiMETRO is fully integrated into most telephone PBX/ACD’s.
DiMETRO interfaces to the Windows desktop to identify the user – eliminates the need to re-cable when people move desks.
Recordings can be stored locally or regionally and uploaded to a central site at a scheduled time.
Each recording can be tagged with additional descriptive information (metadata) to aid subsequent searching.
Centralised maintenance of user profiles and recording criteria.
Browser based search and playback.


As all recording is done on the client PC, this solution is ideal for smaller operations that require a simple but effective way to record calls. It is also the only way to record IP calls where security concerns do not allow Port Spanning. .

All recordings can be sent to a central location for storage and playback via the DiMETRO browser.


Trunk side recording is best suited to environments that do not need to record internal extension to extension calls.

It is also very easy to deploy as it requires a single connection per E1/T1.

Our recording boards can handle up to 480 channels per server. This means 480 simultaneous calls.


Extension side recording is best suited to environments that need to record all calls, including internal extension to extension calls.

The DiMETRO Extension Side Voice Recorder connects between the PBX and the extension.

Recording is triggered by the start and end of the call and does not require integration to the PBX.


The DiMETRO IP Voice Recorder captures packets from your IP telephone system by creating a SPAN (Mirror) port.

This solution is becoming increasingly popular as companies migrate to IP telephony solutions.