About Us


The DiMETRO management team have over 30 years combined experience in the contact centre industry, IT industry and finance industry. Having worked with, and consulted to, such organisations as Vodafone, Diners Club, Europcar, Hertz Corporation, FOXTEL, Primus Telecom, and others, the team have a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of Best Practice around the world.

The Mission

Our mission is to be regarded by our customers, our staff and our competitors as the world leader in total performance monitoring systems. Our products are designed to be extensible, user friendly and easy to administer.
DiMETRO is managed and staffed by industry veterans with a passion for People, Process, and Quality.
With a diverse background in managing operations in industries such airlines, travel, banking, telecommunications and many others, DiMETRO is ideally placed to not just be a supplier of solutions but a genuine business partner committed to assisting businesses deliver superior service to delight their customers.